Black Canvas School

Look into the hidden corners of your soul and add color to them under the direction of master Alexander Onishenko, the keeper of the Black Canvas secret.
During workshops by Alexander Onishenko, you will reveal yourself, make mistakes and, with their help, develop your own unique style.
Welcome, my friend, to the School of Black Canvas. I am ready to help you discover your talent, add color to your life. I will not teach you anything.
I am a natural practitioner who, without studying theories, revolutionized painting. My workshops are an extraordinary process of communication with the inner “I”. Come and find out everything yourself.


This is the promotion of a new art religion of painting on the Black Canvas.
Coming to my School is your point of no return. After that, you will know the joy of creating and find your new life path.


Alexander Onishenko
the most famous and sought-after contemporary artist in the Czech Republic
the keeper of the Black Canvas secrets
painter, photographer, and gallery owner of Ukrainian origin
owner of the "Jakubská" gallery and founder of the "Private International Black Canvas Art School"
Upcoming events
Alexandr Onishenko's Masterclass – Thunovska 18, Prague 1 11.06, 2022, 10:00-14:00
Let yourself act as an artist and a God.
As the darkness and the striking light, so the Black Canvas is just the base where the light will be.
In fact, you are already an impressionist if you are able to feel and accept different emotions. It remains only to learn to see it and paint with me.